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Netcoincapital is blockchain based startup

A decentralized global operating system with infinite processing power, netcoincapital is trying to take a step in designing and building a new generation of processors.The processors that the company is studying, will turn each of the home devices into a supercomputer Watch the video

We will build the Decentralaiz Wallet for NCC and all cryptocurrencies

In this wallet, you can do transactions in a decentralized platform. Netcoicapital intends to create a complete technology-based economic cycle.

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All the activities of this startup revolve around the fin-tech & tech.

Netcoincapital strives to create a talented workforce with targeted training among students. In this way, the selected ones start working in the company itself

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can mange every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in global marketplace

Netcoincapital plans to provide 10,500,000 tokens out of 102,000,000 available tokens to participators for free. The estimated time to complete AirDrop is one year

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Netcoicapital Team
Mojtaba Aghaei CSO
Abbas Talebi CTO
Mohammad Nazarnezjad CEO